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Configure Java control panel setting via group policy?

Hi Experts,

We are running Java Version 8 update 111 on client computers (running Windows 7 and Windows 10) and we would like to automatically configure one setting in the Advanced tab of the Java control panel (found within the control panel in Windows) for all computers without having to do this manually on each client computer.

In specific we want to set the option named "Enable - Hide warning and don't run untrusted code" under the section "Mixed code (sandboxed Vs. trusted) security versification's" in the advanced tab.

We were thinking of using group policy but I cant seem to find a group policy (.admx) template file online for Java. Does anyone know if such a template exists? failing this if one is not available do you know what setting could be manually configured in group policy to configure this setting? - perhaps there is a registry key that can be configured via group policy

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