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ms sql and asp dates

I have a date field in my ms sql table (fecha). I really cant make any changes in the table.

in my asp code

I set fecha=RecordSet("fecha")

I get fecha a long date  with time like;

2017-05-04 12:58:17.0000000

I need to get: (day/month/year)

I am at a loss
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Jim Horn
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>I need to get: (day/month/year)
(Potentially stupid question) Doesn't .ASP have the ability to format dates?  SQL Server can do this formatting but it will return it as a varchar column and not a date column, which will impact any date math and sorting on the front-end.

SELECT convert(varchar, your_data_here ,1) 

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in your select, use

cast(yourDateTimeColumn as Date) yourDateColumn

and use yourDateColumn in your code...
or use this in asp to format

FormatDateTime(yourDateTimeColumn ,"dd/mm/yyyy")
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