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I can not test process on my own because website has changed
I can not make a test purchase on my own
and make screenshots of every page.

going through the pages of information of an e-commerce website purchase one year ago (website changed)

I am resolving a contract dispute because both parties are not really sure what is agreed to

this is a custom content management system where I do not have access to code

my role is to ask the other side for their programmer to produce screenshots of every page clicked to make a purchase

while producing this data may be difficult to the other side;
they cant just go on archive.org because website is dynamic and https
I would like to use a few words as possible to make this difficult suggest seem regular

for example;
show me the "wire frames" of the ecommerce process 1 year ago.
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Marketing Consultant
This should have been documented in the original Scope or Proposal of the project, yes? What documentation was provided before the commencement of the contract? And, what were the terms of the agreement? What web pages that didn't exist before the modification are live today, and is the content that's on them the result of your work?

With WordPress as a CMS, site admins can export the website configuration and/or page setup. It would be hard but not impossible to compare differences between what is currently on the site and what was on the site in a previous iteration. In the event that your client has never backed up their CMS, there really isn't much help to give you; especially since the pages are dynamic and can't really be 'saved' by archive.org.
Serena HsiMarketing Consultant
On a side note, I typically do screen captures of the 'before' and 'after'.
This seems like a weird question

What is so difficult about making a purchase? Pretty much every ecommerce site works the same way
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Serena HsiMarketing Consultant
I think the question is about tracking web page development from wireframe to  implementation and how to document it to validate a programming contract.
I'm just going by this
e-commerce website purchase one year ago (website changed)

...they cant just go on archive.org

Think more explanation is needed

Lol rgb, endorse my comment but no explanation


thank you for information. Now I have more details and can use keyword 'scope'

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