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How to become a web developer without a degree?

Last Modified: 2017-07-24
Hi, can anyone describe how to become a web developer without pursuing a university degree?
I am searching for responses specifically from persons who are responsible for selecting web developers in their companies. (Strait from the source.)

I was thinking about acquiring some computer certifications like A+, Net+, Security+, but what do you think about the CIW certifications? Is there anything better? If not which CIW certifications will you recommend? Which other certifications will you recommend?

Also when it comes to learning HTML, CSS and javascript does anyone know any courses that will take someone from a beginner to master level,
I have found that many of the HTML references I've looked at do not go into explain things like, why the <article > tag was ever created. It was only recently I started to guess, perhaps it was created to define articles in blog posts or similar websites. Is that correct?

I also have difficulty finding the full names of the HTML attributes. When I learn the full names, it adds meaning, which in turn helps me to decide how to use them. Could anyone point me to a good (i.e. complete in every detail) resource providing the names and use of the HTML elements and attributes? Please note that when it comes to explaining the purpose of the HTML attributes many resources assume that the reader has a certain level of understanding, but I am searching for a resource that does not make those assumptions.

I know that this QUESTION is a bit complex, but I believe that there are many persons who will benefit from a detailed answer.

Looking forward to your responses and thank you in advance.

PS please feel free to include information on database and server side technology courses
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