Content Updates do not appear until Shift-Refresh

I am using Joomla 3.6.5.   Last week  I have made changes to a slideshow extension(display on the Home Page) as well as to my events calendar(RSEventsPro). When I open a browser to view the changes, none appear until I use Shift Refresh. The same is true when displaying the Upcoming Events on my Home page. Open my website ( and notice that the slideshow only has 4 items, the Upcoming Events(on left side) display older events and then click on the Calendar(on top Menu) and notice on May 19th is blank. Then click on Shift Refresh on the Calendar, and the Swing Dance event appears. Then return to the Home page and click Shift Refresh and the Upcoming Events updates and the slideshow has 5 events.

I have cleared System Cache and does not resolve the problem.

Here is a video link showing what is happening.

I've cleared system cache and does not resolve the issue.
Abraham GhantousAsked:
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Peter HartCommented:
have you tried clearing out the browser cache before you try testing?
or even try a different computer that hasn't retrieved the the website?
it maybe a local problem
(or even a different browser ?  Chrome, IE)
Abraham GhantousAuthor Commented:
I have tried clearing the browser cache, tried incognito mode, used my ipad and iphone, tried different browsers, even had a friend try it.  same result.
Peter HartCommented:
maybe switch  the system cache off in the Joomla admin
was well as deleting the cache?
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Abraham GhantousAuthor Commented:
I've done both.  Very frustrating why this is happening.
Peter HartCommented:
maybe its the hosting company?
have you tried creating a plain html page and a simple php file (separate from Joomla)   to call  up in browser and then change them and call them up and see if it is still requires a ctrl-F5 refresh?  then it would maybe prove its not (or is) Joomla)

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Abraham GhantousAuthor Commented:
I'm not very tech savvy when it comes to the server/hosting side.  Not sure if I know how to do that.    I guess I can call my hosting company and ask them to do it.  Thanks for the suggestion.
Abraham GhantousAuthor Commented:
Blue Host is my server provider.  They made system changes about a month ago where they installed a newer cache system on the server where my website is hosted and it prevented the changes from occurring without of the hard reset(Shift + F5).  Unfortunately it took three phone calls to resolve this problem because the first tow tech's were not aware of the cache software update.
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