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kausar ali
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I have Database in MS Access of my application and Now i want to convert into MySQL server database . Actually problem is that i have successfully import all tables by MySQL ODBC Driver. But there is some queries in access database and i am trying to convert into MySQL as views. when i am creating views from access databases query after change the query syntax as sql query . in some case the it will take too much time.
My main Question is that what is the best way to handle these access database queries in MySQL. is as Views or Store procedures or as Functions in MySQL server .please quid me and give me the right suggestion .

Thanks in advance
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I don't see anything that would make the query slower in MySQL than in Access.  Make sure that all your foreign keys are indexed.

I don't use MySQL but for SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, etc, I create views only when an Access query is slow and I create sp's only when a view is slow.
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@Kausar ali,

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