Encryption between 2 sites only during transfer not on Servers

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I was given the task of holding all files(mainly Word, Excel and PDf's)  that 2 sites will use in my location and then the users will map a drive to have access. Permissions will also be an issue not all users can see every folder.
Also we need to think about encryption ( don't need files on server to be encrypted) just the transfer of the files.

We will also need to backup to their location for disster recovery.

We do not want to put files in the cloud.....

Looking for advice, experiences that could help us decide which is the right route to take.
Thanks in advance
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In Theory (IT)
Build a file server if you're comfortable with windows then use it, put all users who can access all file with read n write permission in their own OU, then the ones with read permission in another ------ remember based on accessibility each member can belong to both groups depending on what rights they have on the that folder.

Now setup VPN for security in accessing and transferring the files securely.


We are doing our testing with the client on Monday hopefully can close question then if all works ok.

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