how can i find the index of all downloads for a site

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some websites, change their links and then they forget to update the broken links.

for example the link in this page  refers to

which does not work and if i remove the some part of the link and only leave

it will work and will download.

i was wondering if there is a easy way to find the list of all publicly available download links for a website.

i used to work with long time ago, but that does not work anymore.

any idea how to get the list of download links for a website?
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Michel PlungjanIT Expert
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Do you mean

site: ?


yes something like that, but it tells me access denied.

the owner of the site is Bob Philip, he himself got the website back, he also confirms that he still needs to fix the download links.

here is his post on the top confirming it!topic/microsoft.public.excel/1R4K_a7OThA

i am trying to find a way, how can i get use Expert's brain here, so that i get the list of all download links .
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i think you got your answer in another question here  it is obvious the website uses Robots_exclusion_standard and does not allow access to index directory.

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