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I have been using Excel (Google Sheets) to manage my accounts / balance sheet for the last number of years.

- income with Tax breakdown on the left
- expenses with Tax breakdown on the right
- totals at the bottom

It works well for me, however I'm slightly concerned over how easy it is to update a cell in error with '10' vs '10000' without recognising it.

Can anyone recommend any software that provides the following:

- easy interface
- export for backup
- ability to duplicate line items (recurring expenses and income) so that when a recurring payment lands in my bank account, i can duplicate a previous record and update the date
- add note to each line item

Additional Benefits
- app
- receipt management

Thanks in advance for your help.
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If you've been using Excel to handle your bookkeeping, I'm assuming yours is a small business/independent contractor scenario. I have seen a couple of other solutions in the wild, but can only recommend QuickBooks Online. They offer plans that start at $5/mo. I use this and love how it keeps track of everything, even allows me to offer clients ACH direct deposits. They also have mobile apps and 24/7 support.

It's very easy to set up (most common account types are set up automatically) and if you aren't sure about how to expense a particular transaction, the help tools are right there. Generating P&L and balance sheets is effortless.

I'm available for a project gig if you need help. I have an accountant's setup with QuickBooks (I'm not an accountant, but I've done bookkeeping for clients) that allows businesses to add me as a 3rd party accountant. I can help you set up and import data, then you can delete me and do the maintenance yourself. Just send me a PM if you want to discuss that option.


Thank you.

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