Actian/Pervasive WGE 12/Simba ODBC keeps logging in and out of an Access query

Ginger McConnell
Ginger McConnell used Ask the Experts™
Thanks in advance!

My software uses Actian 12 (Pervasive) WGE. x32 with SIMBA ODBC drivers. We have a client with a query in Access 2013 32-bit and our log files are showing that it is logging in and out of our dissents of times, slowing the query to an absolute crawl and basically unusable.

All of the DSN's work outside of these queries and the connection is lightning fast when testing. The crawl only happens with these queries.
It last worked when they were using Pervasive v11 WGE/SIMBA ODBC drivers. I am not competent in Access at all! None of us really are but we do see the problem in our software. It looks like it is requesting our software credentials every time a new record is being brought over into Access.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Bill BachPresident and Btrieve Guru

This sounds like it might be an Access problem. Can you run Wireshark and capture the network trace of the problem? It might show more clearly what is happening. My initial guess is that Access is querying an Access query first, which is in turn querying the the PSQL database.


Looks like they didn't setup their dsn to the Actian db from within Actian itself. They will recreate this and see if we are still getting the same issue. Fingers crossed

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