adding straight up HTML to drupal 7

Josh Baldwin
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I keep trying to add in the code below using full html and no filters are turn on. It needs to stay this way and works on my test page outside of drupal:

<div data-is data-is-access-token=""></div>

but it keeps changing it to do this which is wrong:

<div data-is="" data-is-access-token=""></div>

Can i just turn off all html correction? I don't need it.
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Sure, create a new input type, something like raw HTML. Ensure no filters are set and then choose that in the editor. By the way, an empty attribute represents a boolean value of false as would data-is="". So the corrected HTML should also work, it is not "wrong" and it's always good to have some filtering otherwise you could break the entire page e.g. If you miss a closing div


Solid information. Once I knew the corrected HTML was also correct, i went looking elsewhere for the problem. Turns out one of my Javascript files was not named correctly. Working perfectly now. Thank you for the insight.

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