How to "see" SD card on Win 8.1 tablet?

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I have never had to utilize an SD card in a tablet until now, and I can't see how to do it.  It is a Dell 8" tablet with Win 8.1 installed, with a micro SD slot.  I insert the card and it appears to click into place, because if I push it again, it pops out.

But I never see the card as a drive letter if I go to Start > ThisPC.  I also went to Disk Managment, thinking maybe it was like a bare hard drive that needs be formatted, but it does not appear there either.  I have tried a 2GB and a 4GB.  Any ideas?  TIA
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Try initializing the SD chip on a standard Windows desktop.  Confirm that it initialized correctly via Disk Management, then put a few files on it and confirm that they can be read back.  This will rule out malfunction of the SD chip.

Then take the SD chip to the tablet and insert it there.  If the system fails to see it, the only reason I can think of would be that the SD socket has been damaged.
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Maybe you don't have a driver for the SD slot. Look in Device Manager and check for the SD drive. Make sure it's in there and that there isn't a yellow exclamation mark on it. You should see something like this:

sd drive
When a card is inserted, you  should see something like this in the Disk Drives section:

sdxc card
It may say SD or SDXC or SDHC or the word Micro may be in front of any of those, or something along those lines. Regards, Joe
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Also look in Control Panel, Auto Play, and make the device is set up in Auto Play.

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