Use SSH to export query results from MySql

Steve McDaniel
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I would like to run a query using SSH and export those results to a csv file.

I can connect to the DB using SSH and run the query, but how do I get it to output the results to a file vs screen output?


Connect to MySql vis SSH
Query select first,phone from tablename where active='y'
output to leads.csv

Thanks in advance
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Easiest way is to tunnel MySQL over SSH. Then you're working locally and can do pretty much whatever you want, including exporting to csv.

ssh -fNg -L 3307: user@

where is the IP of the MySQL server and 'user' is the user you're using to authenticate over ssh.

Once the tunnel is up, simply use:
mysql -u<username> -p -h -P 3307 <dbname>


BTW, as a direct answer: if you can connect to MySQL, you only need the "-e" flag (run query) and ">" (redirect):

mysql -u<username> -p -h -P 3307 <dbname> -e "select first,phone from tablename where active='y'" > result.txt

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David FavorFractional CTO
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You may also prefer using -Bse over -e as the output will be more... .csv + more scriptable or programmatically useful.

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