video recording software / tools of a thick client app

sunhux used Ask the Experts™
As this is a proprietary app developed some time ago, it does not come with
an audit logging & it became an audit finding.

I'm proposing a 'video-recording' of users session to be implemented as
compensating controls.

Anyone can suggest any tool to do such video recording such that when
the thick client is executed, it will start video capturing the screen &
upon exiting the app, the recording stops & gets saved.

2 tools below was found while browsing the Net but our applications
developer retorted they're not the right products:

Apps guy: VSTS below seems to be only applicable to web applications? True or False?

Apps guy: JMeter works by pushing thick client traffic through JMeter proxy which detect traffic
and record it into JMeter HTTP Requests & this JMeter proxy is located out there in the Internet
& using this solution means pushing sensitive data out there into Internet.   True or false?
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Chinmay PatelChief Technology Ninja
Distinguished Expert 2018
Hi Sunhux,

Yes. Both are true statements. Personally I do not think video recording or any other kind of screen capture is a right way to audit.



Suppose we put away the debate whether  video capturing is the right way to audit.
Is there any tool that could enable video capturing upon launching of the thick
client & stop capturing after exiting from the client?
Chief Technology Ninja
Distinguished Expert 2018
Hmmm.. There are so many ways. Some of them are crude.
1. Write a Script/Batch to launch recording software and your software. Then instead of a direct shortcut to your software, point your launch shortcuts to this script.
2. Write a simple app that does launch recording software then once it is launched then launches your exe (It is better to have an executable than script).
3. If you have the source code of the app, then you can modify its startup to launch the recording software.
4. With GREAT efforts I think you could build an audit solution that will "Watch" your app's memory space and derive what actions are being made (Sounds crazy but if it was so critical to have an audit solution you could look into it.)
5. Also Video recording will take a toll on system resources, there are COTS solutions available that can take screenshots when user takes an action and also captures keystrokes behind the scene.


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