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I have a 2 TB Western Digital My Cloud setup with a static IP on a peer to peer network.  I have named it 'NetworkStorage' on the network.
I have setup Shares and Users.
I have created a 'Share' folder called 'John' that I want to be private.  I turned off Public Access.  I gave full access to only one user.
When I go to File Explorer, Network, NetworkStorage, John everyone can get into it!?
If I turn off access to users, only then is it unavailable.
Does someone know what I must be doing wrong?
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Here are instructions on how to set this up: https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=14990

I would also try rebooting, as sometimes there can be cached user credentials that are still allowing you to access the WD mycloud.

It is also likely that you are accessing this share AS the user John.
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WDC Support link included

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