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GIMP: Need more selection tools

I saw a video which had a long list of optional tools to be used in the Layers window, but I only see a few...


I have a Mac. Is that the difference?

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Well you should be running the Mac version? Yes there is a difference and quite a big one.
Did they mention what you needed in the Youtube video? There is tons of guides on Gimp there.
I dont really use it anymore much prefer other tools. I find Gimp to big a learning curb.
The Youtube video you could ask them what ( plugins/scripts/brushes/ many different names ) they installed.
For all things Gimp keep this, you may also need to read up how to install them.
Browse GIMP Scripts & Plugins
20 Best Free GIMP Plugins
To give you some ideas what to look for
GIMP Extensions Pack for Windows
Plugins and scripts
How to install plug-ins to Gimp
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


What simple tools can you suggest. I have no time to learn...

I will gladly buy a license for some monthly fee, like $29...
to see the options of the Tools menu, you first must select the Tools tab, in your screenshot, you have selected the Histogram tab...

but now that you have displayed your Menubar, simply click on the Layers menu to see all the options.
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


What simple tools can you suggest. I have no time to learn...
i really don't know what you can purchase for a monthly fee, like $29 that will learn GIMP for you
newbieweb>What simple tools can you suggest. I have no time to learn...< depends on what you are trying to achieve, regarding editing images.
every image editor has a learning curb some more some less. These
I use a combination , that means I may start adjustments in one and finish in other.
Paintshop pro / Paint Net free open source. /power point/ Inkscape/Blender
Paint net is simple for quick enhancements there is so many plugins for it as well.
how to install
the many plugins all free, but I made a donation.
for example the Artistic plugins . on the right is the category and in the center the plugins for that area.
I can help you with these