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Gimp: Using Fuzzy Selection

I can use Fuzzy Select to find the colored areas I want. How do I then add a dark order to that region?

Right now, it just twinkles to show it is active...so how do I transition to actually use that region?

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If you are using layers then you need to promote/highlight  the layer you want to add the color to. Use the dropper or the bucket fill, depends on what  you wish to achieve in the area  the dotted lines around?  is active so to speak,
Do you see the color palette click on that to pick that color.
simple go back to youtube lol
Gimp Tutorial: Layers - The Basics
yes - create a new layer (transparent), click on the Black color box in the Toolbox, select your color, drag the color box from the toolbox to the new layer
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Your welcome :)