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I have a simple question.  I am trying to use a gauge on my report.  The report is a detail item report for a patient with all the cost associated with the case.  I think would like to see what the cost ration is so I take my total cost and divided them against the total charges,  I have created a Formula Field for this and I am getting the data as expected of 0.17 for this one case.  I want to place that value on the gauge to show how it falls in line.  I want to show that value on the gauge, but when I try and add the data field I created it wants to summarize it using Sum, Count, Average.  I do not need any of those as I have the value I want.  How can I get that value on the gauge?  I would also like to start the gauge color with green from 0 to 20 then change it to orange from 20 to 70 and then red for 70 to 100.

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James0628Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In the Chart Expert, where you select the field(s) and the type of summary, there should be a "Don't summarize" option.  If you're using a formula, you should be able to select that option.  If you don't see that option, or can't select it, some more information might help, starting with exactly where you're looking, and which version of CR you have (the options might be different depending on which version you have).

 For the colors, if you right-click on the chart and go to Chart Options > General, you should be able to specify the ranges for several "Quality Bands".  If you want 3 bands, I think you only need to set the ranges for the first two (0 - 20 and 20 - 70), and the rest will be in a third band.  Then you can left-click on the chart, then left-click on one of the bands to select it, and then right-click on that band and select Chart Options > "Selected Item" and set the color for that band.

mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If there isn't a don't summarize you can try using MAX or MIN since there should be just a single value.

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