Windows Backup , Advance Restore having time stamp unequal to the real time done it

Use the windows 7 pro backup , when restoring it , attention on the time stamp of backed up is not matched the time really done ?  Time zone is -8 which shall be +8 zone right ?

How this is made  ?
Li HUANGAsked:
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Must be something to do with the default time zone being used by the install disks repair tools restore program that is converting the time stamp of the files on the backup disk to the time that its time zone is set at, it should not be doing that.
Taken from here:

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Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
Thank you expert coming to help this.

First of all , my computer is not Server, link's cmd\wbadmin.msc not recognized from the PC , please look at the attach .  There is nowhere can do the scheduled backup by default .

Am using the vpn , connecting to Dallas.srv, would be the timer zone difference resulted by ?  From G +8 .hk  to G -8 .us ?  

A wifi R is told today [June 20 2017 ] by no-whom  ordered from ISP in behave of me ?! Though check this department few times during seven years , replies none suchlike services ordered , due to since 1996 with this only isp, always using the 100M earth-line service nothing else plan with it,  the trailing complex network and isp.device case from isp and its administration for the saying years spending on .

wbadmin.msc working for server 2008
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
GMT -8.00 is the default Time Zone of Microsoft System Image Recovery.

After system image recovery, go to Control Panel -> Date and Time and change the Time Zone to UTC + 08:00 and everything will be fine.
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Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
Thank you expert join to help this.

See the timer mine , it is set right . As well Bios is right timing .

Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
The time stamp of all your files are wrong?
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
How did you do the restore?

Do you start from a Win 7 system repair disc or  Win 7 Setup DVD / USB to do a restore?
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
I do not use and will not recommend to use the bundled system image backup in Windows 7.

Either the backup never finishes or take more than 8 hours to do it.

Why the time stamp of your backup is incorrect?

You need to boot up your computer with a system repair or setup DVD / USB and select the timezone in your location before you do a recovery.

System Image backup is not a backup software for file recovery as it is only be used as a last resort when your computer fails to start.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
When you buy usb external harddisk, you should see some brands are including backup software. Use such backup software instead.

If you insist to use system image backup from Microsoft, the default date stamp is using US Standard Pacific time (UTC - 8 hours) and you cannot change it.
Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
An usb ex-HDD @West Digital backed up , relied on the boot CD by F key guided into the recover manger of Microsoft windows 7 pro . Whereby it is labeled time.device was  backing up time, the optional restore file name really unequal to the G +8 zone and time stamp, shown as G -8 of which have been tested four times without or with bundle drivers after verified the bios corrective with right zone G+ 8 reported here then.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
and time stamp, shown as G -8 of which have been tested four times without or with bundle drivers after verified the bios corrective with right zone G+ 8 reported here then.

It is the design of the Microsoft System Image Recovery software to do a backup using  US Standard Pacific time (UTC - 8 hours).

After further searching, I can confirm that there is no fix unless you manually change your date and time to the same timezone of your backup (UTC - 8 hours) before you restore the file.

For example, you change your system time to 19 June 2017 21:00 hour if the backup is made on 20 June 2017 13:00 hour [substract 16 hours from the current date and time].
Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
Backup time signifying the real time backup made .  Why must change it to "synchronize" the windows default setting time zone , as reminding  that is unpersuaded , does not have sense for it ?
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Backup time signifying the real-time backup made.  Why must change it to "synchronize" the windows default setting time zone, as reminding that is unpersuaded, does not have a sense for it?

Good question.
But, your experiment indicated the backup made did not make any sense and there is no way to make any change.

I do not use system image backup as per the reasons in my previous comment.

The purpose of using system image backup is not for granular file recovery.

There are no way to change the timezone difference in the real backup and if you still want to use system image recovery for granular file recovery, you need my workaround.
Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
Backup image and restore it in advance method, likes "nothing" wrong ?  The stamp time is not as year ago did all accorded same as ?

Backup real time stamp should be representing info of
                                            device , and user  

Restored OS synchronized how is working on with multiple network ... am believing these.  Freely modified to default certainly is not a solution for right applying for the OS and the backup , i think.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Li Huang, there is no difference if you have Windows Server or Windows 7 Home Edition. The backup and recovery feature is all the same with both server and non-server OS from Microsoft. Slight differences in user interface but in background it uses the same dlls. Thus the link I've given you is correct.
The restore from DVD Boot environment will always use different time format which is default by MS -8GMT.
This is Microsoft.
If you want a better backup solution - then buy a non-Microsoft Backup Tool such as Paragon Backup & Recovery, Shadow Protect, Acronis True Image etc etc etc.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Backup image and restore it in advance method, likes "nothing" wrong ?  The stamp time is not as year ago did all accorded same as ?

It is the design and there is nothing wrong according to Microsoft.

If you cannot accept the design that there will be a difference of your actual timezone and GMT - 8 hours, i.e. In your case, a date and time difference of 16 hours, do not use the bundled free backup and restore tool.

The free tool is only designed to restore the OS to a working one as the last resort. The ability to restore individual files are not its core function.
Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much both experts .  Better use the backup from OEM giving me rather to the Microsoft answerable .
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
If you have no further question, please do a favor to close this question.

Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
This question might be caused by the backed up on a network device meanwhile with the HDD external of myself at the zone time off / online ports accessible from domain, public and privacy Microsoft default firewall advance management .  Perhaps the time stamp is backed by along from  the remote device at the Wan  abusing my authority IPv6 rollback to be detected .  See also the referring case please.

               - Backup failed at the bundle WD HDD , which backed up in Lenovo Restorer then in Microsoft image
                 backup adv.
               - Attempted  the Restorer not working to backup ,  and Microsoft Advance backed up file unfounded
                 few days  later after
               - Twice , 3 ran Backed up images by Microsoft  Advance were lost from that HDD, only one the first
                 backed up listed down which few times auto cut during processing , and no Completed finish
                 message up , this time stamped first backup one was displayed at option to restore CD loading int?

Reference :
Topic in of

noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
This information does not refer to your question.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Perhaps the time stamp is backed by along from the remote device at the Wan abusing my authority IPv6 rollback to be detected.

There is no such blocking from my knowledge.
Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
Network one of devices , the computer can be sneaked from the defaulted panels off domain, public and privacy on Microsoft OS .

The remarked upon are  what were  gone through at backing up and restoring within two weeks .

Reference :
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
In this question you've asked why the times are different. I gave you the answer. This has nothing to do with network or ISP. Please close this question.
Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
Recall Microsoft backup year ago ever, the timer is right backup = restore watchable ?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
What do you mean? Does it mean that a year ago everything was working fine and the dates were correct?
Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
For windows advance backup and restore ,  time stamp difference reported as error since Jan. 2017 year or years before , this area did not met , as remember read the alright timer at the restoring time.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
This is not correct. The difference exists since Vista. It was reported later but that does not mean it was not there.
Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
No , it is right time stamp , saw it many times when backup 95, xp ... , win8 , 7 .. w10 ?
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
No , it is right time stamp , saw it many times when backup 95, xp

There are no system image backup from Microsoft for 95, xp. Did you mix up with another backup software?
Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
Ah... dears , windows 95 with no Anti-virus recalling . As well the XP , pity its motherboard being changed from the computer case  at  home and, unknown who did it  later discovered , from the IBM time at Hong Kong away back to USA farewell to Lenovo, also PC-Doctor left bye,  complemented together here and,  around the time twice myself entered the hospital in the ambulance unbelievably without "reasons", nearly went to die.  No, could not to dies field wanted even, as the next day return to Hong Kong 911 news on TV.

Thank you reminding me whether the backup did on the CDs for them . Those Vista CDs backs up remaining with , some even unable used for restored now.  OEM- windows 7 is working on the Lot license, its upgraded CD would have to make this machine run on windows 8 pro in its own license , see how this going on anyway...,
Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
This is the capture right after the OS restored by DVD OEM but factory recovered Timer showing.  At factory win7p default using LOT license , and DVD created win8pro with specific license its own.  The discovered Timer on the brand new started out OS win8pro , a time difference 15 hours rather the real time locally ?  The zone is right located already however.

The license Microsoft published zone can be different from the computer locating  zone , seems like here ?  Hence before applicant go to work on this OEM system , have to manually right the time by the timer first , not quite positive on it doing alright ?

Timer w8pro  by oem DVD
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Answers were given.
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