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Photoshop CC: How do I insert an image file into an existing framed area?

I can use Photoshop CC to create a frame, but now I need to insert an image into it. How do I do this from an existing image file? Is there a way to make the frame adjust to the aspect ration of the image file?

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Try this:
You have the frame open as one document/picture and you can have the image open as another document.
To move the image into the frame picture you can select the layer in the image, go to the panel menu, choose duplicate and select the frame document as a destination.
Dragging the layer over to the frame picture is also one way to do it.

Make sure the new image layer is below the frame layer.

In the frame picture, select the inside of the frame with the lasso tool by clicking each corner, while holding down the Alt/Option key, so you will end up with a square.
While holding the Alt/Option key, click the Vector Mask icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. This would create a Layer Mask as a part of the frame layer and will make a hole in the frame layer, so the image on the layer below will show through.
By selecting the layer with the image you can adjust the image size to fit it into the frame.

As for the second question about adjusting the frame to the aspect ratio of the image, you can reshape the frame to fit the size, for instance with the Edit > Free edit. In some cases you might want to make a new frame if the first one gets too distorted.
EirmanChief Operations Manager
Did you try  ....
File > Place    (then select image to be inserted)
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer