Free backup application with email notificastions and disk rotation

I am tryiong to backup a Western Digital NAS to 2 external USB hard drives. The NAS is running Windows 2008 Storage essentials.

The drives need to be rotated with a drive being taken offsite on alternate nights.

It also needs to send an email notification on job completion or failure.

I have tried using the built in backup utiity in Windows but it doesnt have email notification. I have tried using task sacheduler to send email when certain criteria are met but it just wont work for me.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a simple, free backup solution that will do these 2 things?

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fred hakimRetired ITCommented:
Most free programs are for home use.  When they recognize a server environment, they may not work.  So take any suggestions for free backup software with a grain of salt.  

What is it you want to back up?  Entire drive (image)?  Entire Partition images(s)?  Shared drive files?  

Not sure if Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials has the capability to send n eMail.  Its a pretty much skinned down OS.  

If you only need to back up files, that could work from one of the PCs on the network that has access to them,   Those PCs have a full windows OS and you can use any backup program you want.

FreeFileSync is a folder sync program that will compare the shared directories to the backups then copy what changed.  The advantage is that nothing is running in the background all the time monitoring the files and only files that changed will be copied.  Once you set it up to sync them all using the GUI and it tests ok, you can save the entire job to a definition file that can scheduled using Window task manager.  It can also save a logfile as part of the job.  FFS has instructions on how to do that.

You can add a second job to do the same to the second backup drive.  Then schedule them according to your rotation schedule.   And you could add an eMail job at the end of both.  

There are lots of free backup programs that have a better chance of running on a full version of Windows.  The 2012 Storage server OS was  mainly for OEMs building NAS drives.

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Gerald ConnollyCommented:
So your data is worth nothing?             If you are collecting data it has a value!

You need to consider the economic impact of your machine(s) crashing and your backups, are either, non-existant or trash.

If this is for home use, there are manual built in solutions.

If this is for business use, i suggest you really consider the Business Continuance aspects of what you are trying to do. Try gaming out some scenario's and see how your business will survive, don't forget to add in the time and cost of having/not having valid up to date backups.

You need to consider
Disk/RAID Failure
PC Fail
Power to room/building/block/city
Other natural disaster (Weather/Volcano/landslide/avalanch/...)
unable to access site due to civil unrest/protest etc
terrorist attack

Build a risk profile for each and build a DR plan for each
Along with that include the business requirements for maximum downtime
and from that build a Business continuance strategy
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Many times on EE I was recommending AOMEI backuper , a free software for home use.
You can download it from

In Menu/Settings you can setup email notification for all jobs / real time and scheduled using 4 different servers. For standard free version you are able to configure GMAIL or HOTMAIL account to send email. In advanced you can use AOMEI server or your own corporate email.
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