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Mac Word (latest version) Need text format for Title1, Title2, etc

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Last Modified: 2017-06-25
My old version of Mac Word (2011) allowed me to highlight the text, then click a sample font, which i used for heading styles.

When I create a Table of Contents, these styles were key.

How do I do this with my new version of Word?

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I assume that you want to modify the Heading1, Heading2, etc. styles. If so, then
1.  Select the text of one of the Heading1 titles
2.  Change its font to suit
3.  Rightclick Heading1, then choose Update to Match Selection from the resulting dropdown
4.  Repeat as needed for Heading2 and the other heading styles

You may alternatively rightclick Heading1 and then choose Modify... from the dropdown, and then specify the font--but that seems more different from how you describe your previous method.
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They suddenly appeared as option on the tool bar on the Home Tab. I am set now, thanks