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nudity image scanner

pma111 used Ask the Experts™
are there any free tools which could scan a drive on a file server for potential inappropriate images, based on a nudity type calculation. I know these things exist in forensics communities but I have yet to see anything that is free. we need to do a quick scan to ensure one of our employees has not stored any inappropriate material on one of our file servers.
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You may be interested in this though we need to practical on the possible high false positive. The detection algorithm runs at the client, therefore it's possible (with user interaction) to display the image even if it's identified as nude (false positive)

Another is check out NetSpark's Nude Detect API, which delivers a highly accurate confidence rating for images with nudity or minimal dress. It provides API on Mashape, where developer can integrate and test their Nude Detect API with up to 5,000 API calls per month for free.  http://www.nudedetect.com/

Regardless, it is non-trivial as there is  element of OCR to check each image files and deep inspect of document with embedded images that are residing in the target machine. Each traces of unstructure means like binary exe with meta-data compiled with dependency of such files in the binaries, carved deleted area in the machine with part, whole of the temporary nude files or equivalent ... there are other online API but I am thinking if it does localhost using the URL to the endpoint.
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Suggestion provided.