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Robert Granlund
Robert Granlund used Ask the Experts™
I am using Google Tag Manager for Wordpress:
I have followed all of the instructions.
I have an Analytics Account And a Tag Manager Account.
I have the Tags and the Trigger setup but I am still not getting Sales Data in Analytics.  Is there a tutorial out there or a know solution?  Does anyone have any recommendations on where to start to fix the issue?
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Project & QA Manager @ Experts Exchange
Greetings rgranlund,

Couple of preliminary troubleshooting steps,  have you implemented your analytics account id as the "Tracking ID" into each of your tags and have you reviewed an interaction you expect to be tracked using the Google Tag Manager Preview function?

Based on your question, it sounds like you are specifically wanting to track purchases/transactions which would require additional setup (another plugin) after deciding upon which eCommerce tracking option to use. The plugin you link to in your question lists a few options:

  • Contact Form 7, sounds like a very minimal option that fires an event after a form submission
  • WooCommerce seems more versatile and easier to implement but, judging from their website it is likely there are several paid only features.
  • Enhanced eCommerce from Google allows for more in-depth analysis (for example: tracking at which points/pages items are added to a cart.) but implementation may require more technical expertise.

Would you mind sharing your site URL? Seeing/Knowing the workflow can be most helpful when working out Tag/Analytics/eCommerce implementation.
Christopher RourkeProject & QA Manager @ Experts Exchange

My apologies, recognized now that when referring to "sales data" you were likely talking about ad revenue based on the question title.

Is the sales data you're wanting to track transaction based or revenue earned from ad views/clicks?

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