Update query does not work - Access 2016

thao-nhi used Ask the Experts™
I tried to update one table based on the value of another table using a query. Fields are present in both tables with the same format.
Primary keys are joined. Nothing worked when I clicked run. What am I missing. Any help is appreciated.
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Dirk StraussSenior Full Stack Developer
Distinguished Expert 2017
Shouldn't the second table be RepairCost?
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2017
I think you're try to looking for RepairCost field in Work Orders table, but on your picture RepairCost is in RepairCost table.
Maybe this is your issue or  I don't see all fields
Distinguished Expert 2017
The query looks fine.  I'm assuming this is a data fix up and you will be deleting the second table.

Create a query that joins the two tables on WO.  Select columns from both tbles  What do you get?

Typically primary keys are autonumbers and you would never join two tables on their autonumber so you might not actually have a valid join.
HainKurtSr. System Analyst
try this

UPDATE WorkOrders
INNER JOIN RepairCost ON WorkOrders.WorkOrderID = RepairCost.WO
WorkOrders.RepairCost = RepairCost.RepairCost,
WorkOrders.RepairDesc = RepairCost.RepairDesc;

Open in new window

either create a new query, show sql and copy paste
or update yours with this and run...


thank all

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