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Animated Clouds

I saw this video online and the website was originally from TypeScript. When I go to TypeScripts' website its different. In the .gif was once there website.

Can someone explain to me how they made the clouds animate in the background? What tools were possibly used? And the best method to try and recreate it?

Animated Clouds
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HainKurtSr. System Analyst

are you asking how to create an animated gif?


Would like to know how the clouds were animated?
Sr. System Analyst
you create 3000x600 px cloud image
and then create 800x600 px image
put your cloud as background layer
put your image as top layer
adjust transparency and size color etc...
then move background a few px to the right
and each time you create a new image
then combine all those images and make a animated gif :)

but there are lots of tools for such things...