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Git question

I moved a bunch of smarty template files to a sub directory. When I issue git status it shows the new directories but also shows the old files deleted.

Is it safe to issue "git rm directory/oldfile.tpl" then "git add directory/directory2/newfile.tpl" ?
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Jeff Darling
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Do you see the new files that were created in the sub folder?

How did you perform the move?  Was it using git or command line move or windows explorer?

Is the history of the files prior to the move important to you?
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Yes, the new files are in the new folder. I manually moved them from the old location to the new location using the file system.

The files are stored on a linux server but I moved them via Mac finder on a mounted volume (remote web disk)

I will make a backup first before I commit just want clarification this is ok or is there a proper way to move files in a repository.
oh, the history is not important on these files as there is minor or no change from the original. Was adding organization as I have too many template files already in my project.
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if I wanted to move a single file would it be:

git mv directory/filename.ext directory/directory2/filename.ext

just a followup. I committed my changes this morning. I safely added the new directories and removed the old files that are no longer in the old directory. Git treated it as a rename. All is good.

I have some more files to organize this week so will give the git mv a try then.

My template directory was getting close to 50+ files so was making it hard to keep things straight.