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How can i set my access program such that it can calculate the monthly contributions and demand for a new contribution after a months time.The most complex part is to calculate the penalties for defaulted payments in calculating the loan ( any defaulted payments are penlised at a rate of 10% per month).
Please help.

Thanks in advance
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Got any sample code or existing formulas/fields you're currently working with? The more we know, the better.
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We don't know any where near enough to write code for you.  Do you want the process to run at the press of a button or are you trying to automate it?  Do you want to create a batch job that runs nightly or do you want to create something that runs whenever someone opens the application.  Having the process run when the app opens is much more difficult because you don't want it to run multiple times and you have to account for the fact that the database might not be opened every day.


Yeah i want the contributions to run such that a registered member has to contribute at every last day of the month...its kind of auto renewed...i dont know if you guys really get me....The penalties part should run such that once the speculated day for the loan to be fully settled is passed one is charged a penalty
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Okay, would you be able to provide a sample of your Access database (file) that you're currently using?
I noticed you don't have a display form selected in this database (which form opens when you open the database file). Is this suppose to be the "HOMEPAGE" form I presume? If you want this Access database to do anything once it's automated, you'll need to set a display form so any associated VBA code can run as soon as the database file opens.

Also, I see how you're tracking contributions:
So, to sum everything up, you would like to do the following:
  1. Schedule this Access database to be run on the last day of every month
  2. When run, have it check for any contributions that have 0 or less "Days to Go" and add 15% to the defaulted payment in the individual/group tables
  3. Close the database

Is this correct?


i will send you the question problem


Mwanzo Baraka organisation is a self help group intended to improve the economic status of its members through pooling of financial resources.  The organisation sustains itself through registration fees of its members, monthly contributions, interest accrued through loans given to members, and penalties for delayed payments.  The members benefit  by getting cheap loans from the organisation.
Membership to the organisation is by registration.  There are two types of membership; individual and group.  Group membership constitutes two or more individuals who have common interests.  An individual member pays a registration fee of Kshs. 2,000 while a group pays Kshs. 5,000.  During the registration of individuals, personal details are captured.  When registering a group, details of the group and those of its individual members are captured.
An individual member contributes a monthly share of not less than Kshs. 1,000 to the organisation.  For those registered under a group, each member contributes a monthly share of not less than Kshs. 1,000 where Kshs. 200 is the group share contribution by the member.  All monthly contributions are treated as shares for the contributor and attract annual dividends.
Members can borrow loans from the organisation based on their total shares.  Members registered as individuals can be loaned up to three times their share contribution.  The repayment period does not exceed three years and the loan attracts interest at a rate of 1.2% per month on the principal amount borrowed.  Members registered under a group can be loaned up to four times their individual share contribution.  The repayment period does not exceed four years and the loan attracts an interest at a rate of 1% per month on the principal amount borrowed.  A group can also get a group loan, amounting to three times the group’s total share contribution which attracts interest at a rate of 0.8% per month payable within five years.  All payments to the organisation are monthly and must be made by the last day of the month.  Any defaulted payments are penalised at a rate of 10% per month.
Every end of the year, the organisation determines the total interest charged on all loans and total penalties on defaulted amounts.  60% of this amount is paid as dividends to the shareholders each getting an amount proportional to their total share contributions.  The balance is retained to run the organisation.
Design a computerised database system with its documentation for the Mwanzo Baraka organisation that should be able to:
 1. Maintain records of members and groups.
2. Maintain records of registration fees.
3. Maintain records of monthly contributions.
 4. Maintain records of loan borrowed.
 5. Compute loan repayments and interest.
6. Compute income for the organisation.
7. Compute dividends to each shareholder.
8. Generate reports on demand. "
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We're not going to do your project for you.  Please take a stab at it yourself and we'll help you when you get stuck.


ok thanks anyway

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