server 2012r2 essentials client server/connect not available.

David Logan
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Hi, Need some help and not sure where to start. I have a server 2012RS essentials I would like to have client machines listed under computers. But whenever I try to use http://server/connect I get address not available. NSlookup resolves servername.domain.local and the correct IP.

http://servername/connect resolves fine on the server itself.

Could someone help.
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Hi there,

Try using http://Servername.domain.local/connect and see if it works. Alternatively, try using HTTPS as well.
David LoganDirector


Tried that, no luck same message server not responding or available. I can seem to access you server but its name server1 when connecting by VPN but I can if I use my IP!.

Could it be DNS?.
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I don't think that DNS would be the issue.

If you're trying to reach the "Http/Https" you need to check IIS server. if you don't have any services on ports (80/443) you won't get any answer which is normal.

Makes sure that your DNS is set correctly and that contains the domain that you're trying to reach.
And also enable IPv6 on server's and client's that should fix the issue with the listing.

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