Adobe Lightroom 6 can't find pictures in the Mac Photos app.

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I'm a Windows guy, so maybe I'm missing something...

When I open up a Macbook Pro and lick on the Photo app, I can see all (14K) photos.

I've recently installed Lightroom 6, and tried importing those photos into the Lightroom catalogue. Problem is, I can't find the Mac Photos folder during the Lightroom Import process.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.
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Brian MatisProduct Manager

I'm not on my Mac at the moment so can't confirm, but from what I recall, the Photo app keeps everything in its own library file. You may need to export the image files to a place where Lightroom will be able to see them.


Thanks. A couple issues that may bring up.

1. If I export the images to a new folder, I'd be duplicating every photo, thus taking up space on an SSD drive where space is somewhat precious.
2. I'd have to do duplication process every time new photos were added?

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