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Photoshop to select an object

I need to use Photoshop CC to elect an object and place a darker border around it.

For example, this image...

typical object
How do I do this in an automated way? I do not want to draw the lines myself, with the line tool.

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Top Expert 2015
If the areas of color in your image have hard edges as well defined as the example image you posted than you can use the Magic Wand Tool (press W on the keyboard). Adjust the Tolerance setting until you get the tool to select the entire area of color in one click. Then you can do a New Layer via Copy (Command/Control J) to create a new layer from the selection. Double Click on the new layer in the Layers panel and add a Stroke. Adjust the border color and thickness. You can always flatten the layers down again when finished.
Top Expert 2015
If you don't want the borders to increase the overall size of the colored area...

After getting the Magic Wand tool to select the desired area, go to Select --> Modify --> Contract and choose the number of pixels to contract the selection. This will depend on how thick you want the border to appear and the resolution of the image. Experiment. Then proceed to create the new layer as before.

If you have a lot of areas to perform these steps on, Photoshop CC will allow you to record all the steps that follow the Magic Wand selection. Then the task can be streamlined down to just two clicks, one to select an area and another to play back the recorded steps to be applied to the selected area.
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