Access database not working but opening

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a user had her computer changed to a new one. She has opened a database and there was a message that popped up but she cannot recall what the message was and she clicked on something. After that the database has opened but she cannot click on any buttons or go to any other screens. The database works fine for everyone else, she just changed something on her computer and I cannot figure out what it was. It's like she has disabled the whole system.
please help!
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Assuming that it was the warning about enabling macros, she just needs to close the DB and re-open.   Should get the pop-up again and must say "enable".

 Long term, you want the location of the DB added to the Trusted Location list so that you don't get the pop-up.

 If it's not that, then it's hard to say what it is and will need more info.

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I think you may have to delete the FE from her computer and download a new copy in order to get the security warning again if that's what it was.
You may check Out this link, it may help you
Access database not working but opening
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Most likely the Enable Content warning, as others have suggested.  This warning typically appears when a database is opened on a new computer.  Other possibilities:  an AutoExec macro or code on the Load or Open event of a main menu, or the need to relink to a back end.

Enable Content message

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