Excel and Access - new embedded Excel files not displaying on Access form

rwallacej used Ask the Experts™
I have an Access database that has been used for year and years

It has a form where the user embeds an Excel file.
The file then displays on the form. They can then edit the Excel file and other fields.  This worked good until a few days ago.

Both Access and Excel are version 2016, although they were XP at start.
This happened pre-update to 2016. I thought there was XP problem so updated to 2016 hoping that would work.

The problem I have is that with newly added records with the new files don't display the Excel file after moving from one record to another
Embedding the Excel file works (either an XP or 2016 Excel file) but for new records. BUT the embedded files don't display after moving to a new record (instead only a blank space)
HOWEVER the files are embedded - i checked the database table and it says  either "Microsoft Excel Worksheet" or "Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet" in the field, and the file can be edit

Old records are all good, but new ones don't display

I tried embedding a paint file to see if that worked and it was all ok

please advise
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