Services similar to Magic Jack that allow calls to be forwarded to another phone number

Please provide me with a list of services similar to Magic Jack that allow calls to be forwarded to another phone number.
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You should identify location, presumably you might be interested in local numbers at some location, that would ......
fred hakimRetired ITCommented:
Most VOIP providers allow you to forward calls.  I've used PhonePower for 8 years their website allows you to configure your lines as you wish.

They have a wide variety of capabilities for both wired phones and windows.  And they are cheap (about $9 per month), when you pay for 2 years up front.   I can forward with no local ring or with simultaneous ring.  Or I can set it to ring one destination for x amount of time then have the second ring for a different x time and even a 3rd.  It can get tricky.  I don't want certain voice mail picking up forwarded calls, so I had to experiment with the time.  

This site is one among many that compares VOIP providers.

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Vonage, Google Voice... the answer depends on what exactly you have and want to do. Fred's statement certainly holds true.
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