IPsec vs SSL VPN

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What is the difference between  SSL vs IPsec VPN? Both needs tunnelng?
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"Need" is wrong, they build a tunnel. A VPN always needs to encapsulate packets into packets, and that is what is called tunneling.
From technology viewpoint both are not far apart. Both can use the same encryption, hashing, key exchange aso. methods.
A major issue with almost all SSL VPNs is that they are not intended (and cannot be used) for a site-2-site VPN, only client-2-site (dial-in type). And you always have to download and "install" some piece of "VPN client" software.
One exception is OpenVPN, which allows for a full-sized site-2-site connection, but requires installation pre connection.
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Agree, and we / I use IPsec because the same basic hardware gear supports site-to-site tunnels (which we use) and client-to-gateway tunnels (which we also use. I find IPsec more flexible overall, but is (accordingly) a bit more complex to set up.

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