Set image transparency grayed out in Nuance Power PDF Advanced

In Nuance Power PDF Advanced, I've inserted a graphic of a signature. I want to set the transparency of the signature but when I right click on it (attached file) the option to set transparency is grayed out. How can I make it active or is there another way to set the signature graphic's transparency?

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Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
To get you a solution quickly, read this EE article:
Signature Image with Transparent Background

I see that your Topic for this question is Adobe Acrobat, so if you want to use that transparent signature with Acrobat, read this other EE article:
Create Signature Stamp in Adobe Acrobat

While you're doing that, I'll look into the issue with Power PDF Advanced, but let me know which version of PPA you're using. Regards, Joe
contrainAuthor Commented:
Hi Joe,

I'm using Nuance Power PDF Advanced ver. 1.2  I just had to choose another option before I was able to submit the question so I chose Acrobat.

Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
How are you placing the signature graphic on the PDF? Let me know the exact steps — I want to reproduce it here. Also, what image type is the signature? Remember, only GIF and PNG support transparency (my article shows PNG). If your signature graphic is not GIF or PNG, that would explain the missing Set Image Transparency choice, but one thing that I don't understand about your screenshot is that ALL of the menu choices are grayed out. Regards, Joe
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contrainAuthor Commented:
Hi Joe,

What I'm doing to get the signature on there is using a stamp. I used a PNG file with the signature image, and then in Nuance Power PDF Advance I used the create icon in the Stamps section to import the signature stamp. After doing that, I use the stamp icon to put the signature into the document. If I just right click on the signature, my options are Edit, Align, Center, Distribute, Size and Properties, all are active, all but Properties lead to sub menus. If I first select the Edit Object icon in the toolbar then select the e-sig, that is when I get the menu you saw with just about everything grayed out.
Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
> I used the create icon in the Stamps section to import the signature stamp.
> After doing that, I use the stamp icon to put the signature into the document.
> If I just right click on the signature,

My advice is to change that sequence. The quick bottom line is that you want to make the stamp itself have the transparent background, rather than right-clicking on the stamp after placing it and trying to change it then. Here's a sequence that I guarantee will work:

(1) Use the Create stamp icon and browse to the PNG signature file.

(2) Assign it to a Group and give it a Name, but don't save it yet.

(3) Click the Apply Transparency icon, which I've enclosed in a red box in the screenshot below:

PPA signature stamp transparent background
(4) That will give you an eye-dropper icon. Click anywhere in the white background of the signature (this assumes that the signature was scanned as black ink on white paper, as shown in both my first first and second articles mentioned earlier). Clicking the white background with the Apply Transparency eye-dropper will cause the white background to be transparent — and the eye-dropper icon on the toolbar will become grayed out, because it knows that you've already applied transparency.

(5) Click OK and you're done — you've created the signature stamp with a transparent background!

That should do it. One thing to remember: when you size the stamp after placing it, remember to keep the shift key depressed — that will retain the aspect ratio of the signature. Regards, Joe

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contrainAuthor Commented:
Absolutely perfect answer! This is not only what I was looking for, but the Expert showed me a step I was unaware of that saves me a lot of time. No need to touch up the signature when it's already transparent to begin with. Just what I needed!!!!
Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
I'm very glad that's what you needed. And thanks to you for the kind words — I appreciate hearing them! Regards, Joe
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