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Dear Experts,
When I visit a web site, the home page is asking a question like :

http://www.trt.tv wants to Show notifications

How can I see the notifications?

how can the web site push the notifications? How can the users see the notifications?

How can I do the same on my web site?

I use PHP
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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Push_technology explains Push Tech.

You'll required running HTTP2. I'd strongly recommend using Ubuntu + the additional PPAs.

1) lxd-stable

2) ondrej/apache

3) ondrej/php

This will give you latest LXD + Apache + PHP + OpenSSL.

If you're starting to work with Push Tech, start with a fully updated LAMP Stack, else you'll end up dealing with bugs (especially HTTP2 which have been fixed).

Try searching site:github.com push notifications for code starting points.
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Just to answer your first question
How can I see the notifications?
It pops up in lower-right corner in Chrome, other browsers might handle it differently.
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