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DVR Cloud Backup

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Last Modified: 2017-08-04
So we have about 12 cameras at our company that records all day every day.The 1TB drive in the Platinum dvr gets full super fast and we are unable to retreive old recordings from a couple of months back. So i was looking at some unlimited cloud backup solutions like like Crashplan and Backblaze. Now Crashplan is good as it allows me to not only backup all files but also all mapped network drives. is there a way for me to access the DVR hdd from my file server and somehow map it to my server so the backup software can upload all the recordings? Any alternatives? Any advice would be appreciated:)
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Denis GCloudBerry Lab

Crashplan is unlimited, yes. But slow. Check out this: https://twitter.com/crashplanslow?lang=en
And more topics on reddit and so on.
You just need to test it, I suppose. If your 1TB hard drive would get filled up faster than you upload data - that would be useless.
I haven't heard a bad word about BackBlaze. Not sure, though, they would do mapped drives.

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