Most cost-effective support model for WordPress/WooCommerce?

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I am about to launch a WordPress/WooCommerce site but worry about around the clock support for my site since my developer's in India, Monday thru Friday.

That's about 25% of the week! That being said, I would expect the bulk of sales to be on Eastern Standard Time, 8AM to Midnight, which means his coverage percentage is higher that 25%.

Are there are support models you can think of which would be me paying some small retainer for a WP developer to be on call and getting notified if there is a hiccup or site outage? Then, if there is real work that's needed, I'd pay on an hourly basis?


Do I need to be worried at all about the site have problems which could cause it to be unavailable to process further orders?

I am not worried there may be a one in a hundred error rate which I can resolve when the email comes in, but instead, having a site outage causing orders to stop.
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Hi, the model you mentioned above is a workable model. With millions of folks working in the WordPress field, it won't be difficult to find someone to help you and perhaps customize the service. I'd start looking locally, if you live in a big city. It's nice to get facetime sometimes. Or you can seek someone out here at EE. Go to WordPress meetups near you or a WordCamp and you'll have a convergence of WordPress devs and WooCommerce experts who could help you and provide services!
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