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Web Framework Web Server vs Javascript Frameworks?

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Last Modified: 2017-08-01
What exactly is the difference between a Web Framework, Web Server vs Javascript Frameworks?
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HainKurtSr. System Analyst

I suggest just google and start reading :)

wiki pages are useful if you want to get an idea about what they are

Web Framework

Web Server

Javascript Frameworks
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It depends on your connotation of web framework.

1) Responsive grid framework like Bootstrap http://getbootstrap.com/ or Foundation http://foundation.zurb.com/.... https://purecss.io/grids/ and many of the others.  

The base of these things are responsive css grids to make building a site easier in that you do not have to recreate the same wheel each time. The core is the grid but these also include some other css and sometimes javascript/jquery functions as well.  While you could use these as your only "theme" they are pretty bland as far as looks, similar to building only the framework of a house without ornamental siding or fixtures  on the inside.  

2) Server side frameworks like Laravel, Cake, Symfony, Slim etc. for php.  Similar for different languages would be Ruby, Experess.js, django, Spring....  

Similar to what the css grid does for HTML, these frameworks wrap their respective languages and cover many basic things that are again  not worth recreating the wheel such as routing, security, logins, interacting with the database and more. Yes,  you could do all of this on your own but by using these frameworks you get the benefit of a large community that has already worked out many kinks and continues to find and patch bugs that you would not have time to do on your own. Plus by standardizing it makes it easier for multiple developers or to pass on a project from one to another.

A Javascript framework does the same as what I mentioned above but of course specific to js. Check out http://todomvc.com/ for how these interact for the same basic functionality.   Just like CSS or Serverside languages, these frameworks are the pre built scaffolding for a lot of client side magic for ajax requests, mvc, pushing content to the screen animation.  Where we used to rely heavily on a server side language like PHP to run a site, I think you will be seeing more sites rely on the backend only to serve data and the front end to take raw data such as json and convert it to something pretty that is easy to view across multiple platforms be it a desktop, phone, wearable or now even Alexa has visuals.  

Your webserver is the physical box (or multiple box's) that contains server operating system and a layer to separate the inner workings of the server and the outside which would be IIS https://www.iis.net/ for Windows or  https://www.apache.org/ or https://nodejs.org/en/ where the last two could work with Windows or Linux.
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<<I suggest just google and start reading :)>>

 Really?   How about answering the question asked.   If you don't want to bother to do that, then don't post a comment.