Is there a way to sum up the values of textboxes that are not visible by default

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Hi Experts. I have three textboxes which only show when a button is checked then subsequently the values in the text boxes are summed up. My existing solution is returning empty using   ![Bill] = Nz((Me.txtPharmAmt1 + Me.txtPharmAmt2+ Me.txtPharmAmt3), 0).
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That looks fine, though I think you want to do the Nz check on each one.
Nz(Me.txtPharmAmt1, 0) + Nz(Me.txtPharmAmt2, 0) + Nz(Me.txtPharmAmt3, 0)

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It shouldn't matter whether the control is visible or not.
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You might want to just do that in the Query which is the RowSource of your form, rather than including a field in the table that can be computed from other values in the table.

The disadvantage of doing what you are doing is that if someone makes a change to the PharmAmt1, PharmAmt2, or PharmAme3 column while working in a table, the [Bill] field will not get updated.  Another alternative, would be to make [Bill] a computed field in the table design so that no matter where those other values are changed, table, query, form, the [Bill] amount would automatically be recalculated.

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