Setting the width of a specific column of a specific table

Chris Cote
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I have a document with multiple tables.  The next to last table needs to have the width of the 3rd column set so that it is the width of the text in the column so that the single element in the column doesn't get cut across 2 lines.  For example, one row has something like
C2AJ_YZ-10-AB-002.  Currently, this column cuts the string after the first hyphen, but I'd like the column to fit the text in one row.
   My first issue is how to access the correct table.  (This table will always be the next to last one.)  Then, how do I set the width of the whole column to be the same width as the text in that column?

Chris Cote
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What kind of document?  I seriously doubt that this has anything to do with MS Access, maybe Word?

I believe you need to change your topic areas.

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