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I set up a Linksys LRT224 router about a year ago
it does some pass-throughs ti the following
-security camera NVR only two users can access

-Windows Server 2012 running an SQL database about 10 users

-VPN connection so users can get to all servers and appliances
This was suppose to be for only two users, but now they want all 10 users to be able to use VPN

should I continue to use this router? will is start to degrade in speed
some users say the VPN is starting to slow down

any suggestions are appreciated
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Hi jsarinana,

Your router maxes out at 110 Mbps of VPN throughput so if you divide that up by 10, each person only has 11 Mbps. So it depends on your connection speed and what type of traffic each user is transferring through the VPN. To make the VPN more efficient you can dial in its MTUs but this will not fix the math problem if you don't have enough bandwidth from the ISP or the router - it will only make what you have more effective & efficient. I wrote an article on how to do it:

So depending on your bandwidth the users may not even get 11 Mbps. Regardless, you can upgrade both (bandwidth and/or the Router) if need be - you just have to work out the math to see what is adequate and will provide some growth.

I'd recommend a NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) like the SonicWALL TZ300, which would provide you with an assortment of VPN capabilities: up to 10 S2S (site-to-site) VPNs, 10 GVC (Global VPN Clients) VPNs & 50 SSL-VPNs with a VPN throughput of 300 Mbps. Now everyone would have 30 Mbps. If that is not enough you could get a SonicWALL TZ400 with 20 S2S, 25 GVC VPNs & 100 SSL-VPNs with 900 Mbps VPN throughput!

Let me know if you have any questions!
J SpoorTME / Network Security Evangelist

as Blue Street Tech pointed out, it's strongly recommended to use a next Generation Firewall. I am sure you heard about wanacry and notpetya outbreaks.

A Linksys won't protect you against these.

Also a Linksys itself isn't really secure, the operating system itself is really vulnerable. There were even malware which infected the device and then would infect connected clients, see

Definitely use a NGFW, with GateWay AV, SSL insptection, and sandboxing.
SonicWall has in deed one of the better solutions for this.

You can view SonicWall's features and UI here: http;//
jsarinanaI.T. Manager


Will get me a Sonitrol
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Thanks for the points and glad I could help!

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