Assistance with setting up a Cisco 897VA Router

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Hi All,

I have found myself to be very lacking in memory when it comes to Cisco IOS and after far too many hours of trying and reading website and documents I have decided to ask an expert!

I need help with the following setup:

Cisco 897VA router
WAN on G8:
Direct Connection to fibre Media Converter.  (no vLan tagging required)
CE of Router needs to be
Gateway or PE is, DMZ from ISP is
I have Static IP Addresses assigned by the provider pointing at ( only using 2 at the moment .225/.226.
External DNS
External Nat

LAN 2 Ports to be used G1 & G2

G1 is the port facing the main network and servers and will be the gateway for all PC's inside.
IP is to be
Internal DNS
Internal NAT

G2 is to be the Wifi. Original Setup before router replacement was on Private WIFI on vLan100 and Public WIFI was on vLan101)
Internal NAT
vLan101 had internet access only no internal access with ip of 192.168.101.x for the WIFI and external DNS
vLan100 had access to internal systems and internet with IP of for interface and for the WIFI.  The WIFI, accessed and the 2 internal DNS for internet and internal access.

Both WIFI used the router for DHCP, no DHCP for internal computers. IP Range was 192.168.{100/101}.100-125 for each

Internal network was vLan1

Access was allowed for 80/443/25/3389 to from IP
Access was allowed fro 80/443/3389 to from IP

ACL was used for control.

I have access to the Serial Port and the router is reset to default.

Thank you for any help in advance.  Please let me know if I have forgotten anything required to allow a setup to be done and I am very rusty at Cisco IOS.

(IP Address have been changed)

Regards Mike
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bbaoIT Consultant

How can we help you here? Are you asking a full configuration to meet the connections requirement above?


A full configuration would be amazing.

I mean I can create a vLan and add ip etc. I can config the g8 interface with ip etc but I seem to be failing at getting it to access the internet. It has been years since I needed to use ios and do much in routing.  I am just getting frustrated with myself.

We had a team member that was a wizard at this but he has since gone and it has been left to me to do.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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