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hello experts

need your help, sorry if this not correct topic, am facing accessibility problems

 i've more than 100 mp3 file need to split them depend on silence seconds about
silence about 3 s or 3000 ms
also need to keep about .5 s in each splitted track at the start and end.
 i tried Wavepad but it not has patch files for this task, also even one by one not give me ability to keep silence in each track ..
  your help will be appreciated
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MASQ's suggestion is likely the best bet.

100 files... well, if each file is short + has a few splits.

If files are long with many splits, scripting ffmpeg might be the way to go.

Also if you're adding files in the future, where you have to repeat this task, scripting ffmpeg will be way faster than a GUI based system. turned up in a quick search.

This is a two step process.

1) 1st pass - find locations of silence gaps, based on some level/decibel threshold.

2) 2nd pass - split file based on locations found.

Pretty straight forward.

You could go one step more + normalize all audios to EUR128 broadcast levels, so your entire library matches level/loudness, which will be great if you're turning these recordings into a series of Podcast episodes.

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