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Best way to setup Veeam to backup data FROM a NAS drive

I have a Veeam setup - 2 HV hosts, backing up 8 machines via Veeam.    That is all working fine.

For a special project we are bring in an 8TB NAS drive (QNAP) that will be added to the domain and users will access the files. (current plan is they will access the NAS directly via domain auth)

What is the best way for me to backup that data to the existing Veeam infrastructure?
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Abhi PappiTechnical Lead - Network Support


Veeam backup and replication is using to backup and restore VMs and the data mount to the VMs. Using Veeam you will not backup NAS storages, but will backup your virtual infrastructure. However you can TRY the "File Copy Backup" in the Veeam.

Other than that, you could use an iSCSI volume on the NAS (if it supports iSCSI) presented to some Windows box (or the Veeam server) and back it up using Veeam Endpoint Backup installed on the box.

Last Knight
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Hi Erik,

First off, I can't say I trust QNAP - they have lost client files repeatedly via internal hardware failures namely Thin Pool Corruption. I'd much rather trust your files on server hardware with a warranty such as DELL, HP, etc.

But your questions is really a management one. Veeam and QNAP can both certainly replicate data - it just depends which one you are comfortable with and provides the management capabilities you need. I'd prefer Veeam because it centralizes your management into one pane, they have better vision and logging into the replication jobs, they have better data validations, they have competent support, and you can utilize the efficiencies Veeam has created in moving data to include Caching.

Let me know if you have any other questions!