Watchguard Firebox and Ubiquiti

I would like to separate hard wired connections from wifi APs.  The purpose is to separate traffic and assign separate class c subnet to each group.  

Equipment used
Watchguard firebox
Qty 2 Uniquiti 24-port Poe+ 500 watts
Qty 10 Uniquiti HD access points.

Separate subnets for each group:

Hardwire users on port 1 of Firebox with dchp turned in - hardwired - connects to first Uniquiti switch.  

Wifi access points on port 2 of Firebox with dhcp turned on -  WiFi access points - connects to Second switch.

The second Uniquiti switch that connects the hardware connections  - port 1 disconnects or the ubiquity access points will start missing heart best and disconnect

 Firewall policy set to  any traffic can pass between the the Firebox interface ports 1 and 2.  Ping traffic passes from and to sinners with issue.

If all the devices / hard wire and access points and the two switches - are put into 1 single subnet - no issues.  

Comments would be appreciated.
Sunny KimAsked:
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masnrockConnect With a Mentor Commented: and are in the same subnet. Did you mean that the second subnet is

The simplest method would be let the controller and APs be on the wired subnet. Note when I say the this, I am solely talking about the wireless hardware, not the wireless users. Then you can use VLANs to have wireless users on separate subnets. This would require configuration on both the switch where the APs will be and the Watchguard.
Jeremy WeisingerConnect With a Mentor Senior Network Consultant / EngineerCommented:
What model Watchguard do you have? How many devices are on the network?

I agree masnrock, ideally you would have the management of the WAPs on the same network as the controller and use VLANs and tag the wireless traffic.
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