Bootstrap 4 in productions?

Brett Larson
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I just read the Bootstrap 4 is finally in beta. Is it okay to use Bootstrap 4 in productions?
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The links above refer to the Alpha version.  Alphas are known to have bugs and incomplete features.  Beta is a later version than Alpha, and generally speaking, will have all features and fewer bugs.
That being said, beta is still not considered a stable release.  So, it depends on your situation as to whether it's appropriate for you to use in production.  If you're using any of the features new to version 4, you should test them in the beta version to verify they are working as expecting before deploying to production.  If you are using features available in earlier versions, you should be fine with version 4 beta.

From the Bootstrap site:
Long story short, shipping a beta means we’re done breaking all your stuff until our next major version (v5).
I usually don't use Beta in production, but Bootstrap v4 is almost ready, even their home page show the v4 ...
Even stable version will have updates, so if you start a new project use V4 with confidence.

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