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I have a Mac where I use Parallels to use PowerPoint to create a presentation.

#1 It seems that MS did not give a viewer for PowerPoint files on a Mac. True or False?

#2 Can I Host GTM on the Mac, then open Parallels and Windows to demo a PP presentation?

#3 If I log onto GTM from Windows, then I assume any potential problems go away.

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Microsoft currently does not support a PowerPoint Viewer for Mac OS X.
If your current operating system is Mac OS 7.5 to 9.x, the PowerPoint Viewer is available as a free download:

Users with Mac OS 10.4 or higher will need to download and install Apache OpenOffice:

This program is a free download that will allow you to view PPS, PPT, or PPTX files.

2. Yes
3. I doing this all the time with no problem
PowerPoint hasn't had a new viewer even for PC in about 10 years. You can open the presentation in your browser and use that as a viewer. Best way to do it is put the file up on OneDrive and just open it there. It will open in the browser.
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