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I am trying to duplicate a flyer without changing anything, but one of them, has no copy write statements on the inside page having all the credits.  Can this be replicated and distributed for FREE?

Another pamphlet has a copywrite statement, again can this be reproduced without any changes and distributed for free?

Another example has a copywrite statement like a period 2005=-2011.  Does this mean it can now be copied and distributed without changing anything, and distributed for free.  

Perhaps if the Experts know of a blog or Forum where this copy write is discussed I could surf it myself.  Thank u.
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Any literary or artistic work  with or without the copyright mark is copy-written.  Most countries follow the
Berne Convention

Copyrights do expire as they are meant to.. Unfortunately the US under pressure of the MPAA and Disney have extended the expiry date way off into the future.

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